ThinΛpp 2.0 continued...

Get Any Website In The App Stores Easily (website optional).

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ThinApp 2.0 Graphically designed “action” pages

ThinApp 2.0 Submission Forms that work offline

ThinApp 2.0 Users can even upload images

ThinApp 2.0 Admins can view all the Submissions

ThinApp 2.0 And check the circle when processed

ThinApp 2.0 Content pages that work offline

ThinApp 2.0 An Events page sorted by Date

ThinApp 2.0 With customizable button text

ThinApp 2.0 Link to any webpage outside the app

ThinApp 2.0 Update text without resubmitting (app)

ThinApp 2.0 All Content pages work offline too

ThinApp 2.0 Put any webpage(s) inside your app...

ThinApp 2.0 Completely full screen (no UI)

ThinApp 2.0 Built-in Chat Room/Support feature

ThinApp 2.0 Admins & Users can add new Chat topics

ThinApp 2.0 Admins can manage topics & PMs

ThinApp 2.0 And, even delete any comment

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