ThinΛpp 2.0

Get Any Website In The App Stores Easily (website optional).

4/30/18 - Introducing the all-new 2018 ThinΛpp - a fully loaded, hand-crafted native mobile app that can be quickly adapted to any idea, theme, business or brand - in a matter of hours (and, we do it all for you).
Includes an awesome mobile Admin

Download a real-life ThinApp below. Or, scroll down to view screenshots from a real example...
Because of our handcrafted approach & some recent Apple restrictions we can only make so many of these at one time, so we’re currently reserving spots for the first wave of production for this new version. Add your name to the list if you’re interested in getting one.
Expected Start date: MON 4/30/2018
ThinApp 2.0

Your app can have all the same features as this ConsignLux example, but we’ll change all the images, logos, colors & text to match your brand:

Download on the App Store Download on Google Play

Google Play/Android expected release date: MON 4/30/18

ThinApp 2.0 Your Splash Screen will go here

ThinApp 2.0 Slide Out Menu - we have more icons ;)

ThinApp 2.0 The Menu order can be changed easily

ThinApp 2.0 Slide #1

ThinApp 2.0 Slide #2

ThinApp 2.0 Slide #3

ThinApp 2.0 Slide #4

ThinApp 2.0 A One-of-a-kind Magazine feature

ThinApp 2.0 Full-screen & pinch-zoomable

ThinApp 2.0 With real-life page-turning animation

ThinApp 2.0 The peel back follows your touch

ThinApp 2.0 The images can be viewed offline

ThinApp 2.0 A separate gallery feature/page

ThinApp 2.0 Showcase any kinds of images

ThinApp 2.0 Includes Flip Animation when swiped

ThinApp 2.0 Far superior to mobile web images

ThinApp 2.0 The Gallery is offline viewable too

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Or if you’re ready to order yours now, Buy Now or contact us at or

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1-844-484-4627 (1-844-4THINAP)

Custom Design is included (or if you want, you can provide us your designs too). We’ll submit it to the App Store and Google Play for you - and basically take care of everything. All usually in 4 days or less.

Want to customize your ThinApp 2.0 App? No problem. Or, need an entirely different mobile app? No problem there either. Just give us a shout!

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