ThinΛpp Specs

All the measurements & specifications in one place

Note: everything on this page is in pixels. here's another good guide.

Preparing your own designs? Please provide design assets in PNG (for best results) or JPG format, based on the size recommendations below ...more »

12 Main Image Assets (for every app)

Apple App Icon - 1024x1024
Splash Screen - 768x1366
4 Slides - 768x1366
Content Image - 768x563
Logo Slim - 438x78
Menu Logo - 600x350
Action Link - 370x68
Google Play App Icon - 512x512
Google Play App Banner - 1024x500
Content Image - By default we make 1 content image for the top of each content page (ie. About, FAQ, Contact, etc.), but you can make a unique one for every content page if you so desire.

4 Slides - The 4 slides typically contain 4 graphic elements: 1) BG image, 2) Logo, 3) Text and 4) Shadow/Gradients

You do not have to design the buttons, but can if you want to. They’re already programmed into the source of the app, so we just need to know the background color, text color and text of the button.

Additional Info on Graphics - If a project requires more specific branding and design and has the budget, then the entire button (and any other elements) can be created graphically and provided to us. In addition, you can provide us with the TTF file for any font-family and we will install it into the source assets of the app and then all the text that is added at the "app" level will be the chosen font-family, otherwise our typical default font is Avenir-Light.

Mobile App Icon


App Icon

yes, App Icons are obnoxiously big - not our fault! : )

Full Size Screen(s)


Splash Screen

Splash Screen 768x1366
App Screens

Full Screen 768x1366
Content Page

Content Image (Top) 768x563*

Gallery Screen

Gallery (see note at bottom)
Gallery Image Zoomed/Enlarged

Zoomed Screen Img 768x1366
Categories Page

Categories Image (see below)

Category BG Image

Category BG Img 768x300px (300px tall or less; font:60px)**

Mix Screen

Top Img 768x312 / Features (Coming Soon) & Case Studies Img 768x563 (crops middle 398x524)
Mix Screen

Features (Existing) Img 460x180
Schedule Screen

Schedule Images 645x363

Content Page

Google Play Store (Featured Image) 1024x500px
The Featured Image is shown here:

Google Play Store

A Few More...
Content Font-Size (recommended): 17px with line-height of at least 22px; then up from there for headers, etc.

Make sure your Gallery Images are all the same size (we’re working on a thumbnail solution).

Recommended Gallery Image Sizes: 768x1366 for full screen images or they’ll simply have a letter-box look with black above and below the image when zoomed or enlarged.

** For Categories - you can put the text titles in your graphic or we can put them in as text (recommended).

* The images at the top of content pages can really be any height you prefer, but we recommend making them all the same height no matter what height you choose.

And, that’s pretty much it.

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