ThinΛpp Liquid

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ThinApp Liquid

11/18/2016 - ThinΛpp Liquid will be a monthly subscription service that we are planning on launching in August or Jan 2017. We’re considering the starting price of $25/month, which will include free updates, hosting, credits to vote on which upcoming features we make first and more.

Since 2015 we’ve been perfecting the ThinΛpp Hybrid Platform and focusing on our work with mostly Enterprise level clients, but now we’re ready to make ThinΛpp a 100% fully customizable platform/solution so we can give the world easier, more affordable Mobile Apps.

If you’d like to test out our ThinΛpp Native App Wrapper (ie. Apple App Store App), enter your email below & we’ll send you an invite to install a Live Demo App.

Guarantee If you’d like to speak with someone at ThinΛpp, we’d love to hear from you. Call or email us at 1-844-484-4627 (1-844-4THINAPP) or