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A Quick Overview & How It Works for Kickstarter Backers

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As a bonus to our Kickstarter Backers, we are offering a free ThinΛpp (now) based on our current version, which is more of a build-to-suit, enterprise solution.

This is meant to help you get familiar with how customizing ThinΛpp from the back-end Admin/Settings area actually works. It’s also a way for users to get a preview of what features currrently exist so they can give feedback, which can help shape the official public release to Kickstarter.

Note: The free version is a "hosted" solution - meaning you don't have to install anything (all the code sits on our hosting servers).

How It Works

You just tell us what name you would like for your App project and front-end website/Web App and we set it all up for you. (Note: this will be automated for the official release; ie. where you can do it all on a simple sign up form).

Then you (or we) simply update your DNS records for your domain to point to ThinΛpp's hosting servers.

This is meant to simply help Backers get familiar with our Admin back-end and existing customization features, which may help give them a jump on having a completed Hybrid App by the time we launch the "public" version.

The new version that will be released on August 1st or sooner will have a self-hosted version, which will be mostly encrypted, but will have various Developer level features.

So to get started, we need a base domain, like:

1. - A regular domain to host your ThinΛpp

- This option is good if you're interested in the all-in-one solution since ThinΛpp is a fully responsive website, Web App and Native App combined.

2. - A subdomain of your domain

- This option is good for when you already have a site and are interested in just using ThinΛpp for an App or Web App while keeping your existing site as it is.

3. - A subdomain of ThinΛpp's

- This option is good for when you are interested in using ThinΛpp as an App (to be distributed in the App Stores) and don't need a front-end website at all. In that case the web based sub domain will be blocked from search engines and simply serve as the content foundation of your App, so you don't even have to bother with buying (or using) a domain name at all.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Giving Us Access To Your GoDaddy Domain

Log in to your GoDaddy account.

Next to Domains, click Manage.

Hover over the folder containing the domain names to assign to your Account Administrator. From the drop-down menu, select Edit.

Select your account administrator and the folder privileges.

Click Save.

Want to test our App Wrapper?

We need the Device ID of your phone or iPad (or tablet). Just visit the link below and enter as the Developer Email and we’ll receive your Device ID and prepare an App Wrapper demo for you:
If you’d like to test out our ThinΛpp Native App Wrapper (ie. Apple App Store App), enter your email below & we’ll send you an invite to install a Live Demo App.

Guarantee If you’d like to speak with someone at ThinΛpp, we’d love to hear from you. Call or email us at 1-888-564-0061 or