ThinΛpp is a pre-built Hybrid, Mobile App Platform that has been optimized and designed to be a fully responsive Website, Web App and Native Mobile App - all in one.

BΛSE is our web-based platform that serves as a sort of foundation for creating powerful, custom, hybrid, mobile apps. We’ve found that about 80% of most non-gaming related Apps can be made entirely as in website-based coding languages, like HTML5, etc.

An App that is coded in both web based languages and "native" app languages. 

An App coded completely in the complicated languages that were made exclusively for Apps. Ironically, most Apps are already hybrids - but they tend to be a majority of "native" code. We however have created a product that is a majority of web based code. What we've found is that as mobile browser technology has evolved and improved the differences between web based and native are become harder and harder to detect.

ThinΛpp can be used to quickly - and affordably create an App - for a business, a hobby, a passion, an interest, a cause, etc.


First, ThinΛpp is not a builder - it's already built. Apps are pretty complicated and complex, so we wanted to create something that was pre-built that you could just change around to make fit your needs. So, all you have to do is purchase your ThinΛpp and within minutes you'll be able to login and start updating your App's logo, icons and content.

Yes, quite a bit. Almost fully. Because ThinΛpp is essentially an already built website (and web app and native app) there's not much to customize structurally, which saves you a lot of time. However, we have built in Website Settings that allow you to customize all the logos, background images, text, icons, etc. essentially making your ThinΛpp 100% brandable to your name, idea, product or company. We are constantly working to make ThinΛpp even more customizable, but we are being careful not to sacrifice functionality and speed for convenience. Our goal is to simply make the process of creating an App much easier and far more affordable.

No, however, it is highly recommended because you should always have a "web" based version. But, if you would like to use ThinΛpp in some prototype capacity or as a redirect page then you can simply enter a subdomain name when you choose a plan, like coolidea and we'll make your ThinΛpp at coolidea.thinapp.com

You can buy a domain at a lot of places (typically referred to as "Registrars"), but we recommend GoDaddy. They have a super easy system that allows you to manage your domain, email, etc. Plus, we know how to help you get $0.99 domains from them with Promo Codes. You buy your domain and then simply update 1 setting (called an @record) to our IP address. See DNS »

No. We provide specially configured hosting for your ThinΛpp. We this partly for the performance of your ThinΛpp and partly for the security of our technology (ie. to protect our technology from being copied, duplicated and pirated). However, this in no way makes us like all the other website builders out there. ThinΛpp is a stand-alone website, which means if you have 3rd party scripts, code libraries, etc then those can be installed courtesy of our Techs (2 courtesy installs per month), if you are a monthly Subscriber or Annual pre-paid Member.

Note: We haven't set a price yet for script assistance outside of your 2 complimentary ones per month, but it'll probably be around $5 per additional install.

Yes. In fact, if you do already have a website, we recommend having a ThinΛpp too – it’s sort of like a quick, super optimized, ultra mobile-friendly representation of you, your brand, your website or your idea. You can have ThinΛpp on any main domain (ie. yoursite.com), sub-domain (ie. mobile.yoursite.com) or even a sub-directory (ie. yoursite.com/mobile).

Yes, like myapp.mysite.com or myapp.com or mysite.com/myapp, etc.

No. ThinΛpp is a fully custom, stand-alone website with full Web App capabilities and a Native App version (ie. meaning it can be downloaded from the App Store). ThinΛpp is based on a simple, elegant, fluid MVC framework – on a 12-grid, responsive Bootstrap with an HTML front-end and a PHP back-end. MySQL is the database that drives ThinΛpp. Basically, we made it with the most optimal combination of languages, libraries and options imaginable. We’re self-funded Tech Entrepreneurs who routinely make $100,000+ websites with revolutionary features, so basically ThinΛpp is like us copying one of those and giving it to you.

ThinΛpp is not only SEO friendly, but it has been built by a team of Entrepreneurs and Engineers that build 6-figure Tech Startup Websites for themselves and clients across the country. Our core staff learned SEO from one of the most highly regarded SEO pioneers in the world – someone that is considered a top 10 expert and has authored a famous plugin and SEO Modeling environment with over 1,000,000 users.

Yes - and not only that, but ThinΛpp also has a built-in Web App - or rather, it is a webapp already. Both Android and Apple devices have been doing some major upgrades for Web App capabilies and technology. If you don't already know, Web Apps are basically just like Native Apps except they're written in regular web-based code like HTML, PHP, Javascript and JQuery.

The entire design is geared towards mobile-first, but the desktop experience has been carefully considered as well – so when looking at your ThinΛpp on a laptop or desktop, users will essentially see a full-screen experience that’s equally as visually stunning as the mobile-version, Web App and Native App.

Note: We are currently in the process of adding optimized and customizable Web Services API (this is how Apps "talk" to websites and store, save, call and use information from website/web-based databases), Push Notifications, JQuery Mobile Web Gestures, etc, which emulate Apple and Android "native" gestures and features and much more.

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