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Get Any Website In The App Stores Easily (website optional).

App Wraprs are pre-built mobile Apps (for Apple iOS & Android) that act as a sort of “shell” for any responsive website, allowing Users to download your App from the App Stores.

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Our Process, Approach & Technology

First, and foremost, we can take any website and turn it into any (or all) of the 3 mobile solutions below this screenshot...

Responsive Website

becomes 1 or more of these...

Mobile Website

Img 1 - Mobile Website

Web App

Img 2 - Web App

App Wrapr

Img 3 - App Wrapr / Mobile App

We’ve thought of everything - from App Install Banners (Img 1) to Push Notification Managers & more.

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Our AppWraprs

We are constantly adding upgrades & new versions, which we refer to as “generations” (ie. Gen1, Gen2, etc.)

App Wrapr Gen0

App Wrapr           App Wrapr

App Wrapr Gen0 - $299

A 1 page App for both Apple iOS and Android, which contains a splash page/image, your logo, text, 1 custom link (or button; your choice) and allows people to "enter" your website/mobile website while still inside the App. It's full screen, fast loading, has a page loader spinner and caching.
Note: You actually get 1 button + 2 links to 3 different pages within your website with both packages (re: Img 3).

App Wrapr Gen1

App Wrapr Gen1 App Wrapr Gen1

App Wrapr Gen1 - See pricing »

Same technology as above, except this one is designed with App Tabs, which is basically a 4-page Slider. These are what the popular Apps most commonly tend to use and are great for creating cool, How It Works intros, etc. (Tip: Press F11 to go full screen)

ThinΛpp Stand-alone Mobile Apps

App Wrapr Gen2


Gen2 - Fully Native Mobile App Gen2 - Fully Native Mobile App Gen2 - Fully Native Mobile App

App Wrapr Gen2 (ThinΛpp Fully Native, Stand-alone Mobile App) - See pricing »

Moving right along, our goal is to keep adding all the features people need - and want. We’ve added a slide-out left Menu (with see through transparency; that can be any color you like), a super cool Gallery for more »
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App Wrapr Gen3+ Custom ThinΛpp - Call/Email for pricing/quote

1/11/2017 - We are somewhere between Gen4-6 right now and growing so fast that we have not decided how to group every version beyond Gen2 yet and are handling those orders as custom orders. Most of our improvements have been performance related, like real-time editing (from a web based admin), etc. Please contact us for more info.

Get started with 3 easy options:

these apply to any/all versions

1. Do It Yourself

If you’re a graphic designer or just someone who like more control, you’ll love our easy to use Online Design Manager (ODM).

2. We Do It For You

Our world-class Design Team are experts in mobile UI/UX & will bring your vision to life, then upload the designs to our ODM for your review.

3. We Do It Together

For those who just want to put some personal touches on your new App’s designs, but want us to handle the rest. We use the ODM to manage it all.

Call us between 8AM EST - and 12AM EST (Mon-Sun) 1-844-484-4627 (1-844-4THINAPP) or

If you’d like to test out our ThinΛpp Native App Wrapr (ie. Apple App Store App), enter your email below & we’ll send you an invite to install a Live Demo App.
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Still on the fence?

Allow us to remove any remaining doubt.

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