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Our mobile technology is the boldest, most innovative thing anyone is doing anywhere. Help us spread the word and we’ll pay you real cash - every, single day.

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ThinApp Mobile Apps

We are about to completely change the Mobile App Industry - and invite you to take advantage of this early and rare opportunity to tell people about us before we earn enough money to start doing commercials and don’t need you any more.

Our program is pretty simple...

1. Sign up free to get or make a unique referral code.
2. Share your code.
3. Get paid.

How it works is simple, people enter that code when they check out and it acts as a promo code that gives them $150 or more off their purchase. This ensures they actually use your code - and also allows us to track your referrals. You then will receive an instant New Referral Email (and soon we'll be adding your referrals to your My Account area also). Finally, after 24 hours have passed we’ll send you your referral commission! Boom!

Venmo, Paypal, Bitcoin, Starbucks Rewards - just tell us how to pay you - we’re techies, we’ll make it happen.

Oh, and ps - we’ll soon be offering stock to top referrers - and it will be retroactive - meaning your past referrals will count towards it. So, get to referrin’!


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