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ThinApp Enterprise

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ThinΛpp has been working with startups, businesses and companies for over a decade, helping them create innovative web based tools and native mobile app solutions (both B2C & B2B) that help improve the flow and efficiency of their existing operations and workforce, bring creative ideas to life and/or improve or solve various obstacles they’re facing. We are more than just an agency, we are a supremely capable strategic partner. In 2017 alone, our technology helped at least 3 strategic partner clients raise over $5M in VC.

At the core of our operations, we boast a portfolio of over $500k+ worth of pre-built, pre-fab mobile app templates, which help us make mobile apps 50X faster and less expensive than any other company (or agency) on the planet. Here’s just some of our technology:
  • Offline Web Apps (for both phones & tablets)
  • Saving data, forms, etc while offline (Native & Web)
  • Native Phone Animations, ie. Swipe, etc (Native)
  • Custom Web App Icons
  • SMS Text Messaging API (Native & Web)
  • SMS + Text Integrated Chat (Native & Web)
  • Blue tooth beacon (Nearby) integration (Native)
  • Real-time GPS Tracking & GPS Fencing (Native)
  • Simple to Advanced Push Notifications (Native & Web)
  • Seamless Apple Pay Integration (Native & Web)
  • Stripe & Paypal SDK (Native)
  • Stripe, Paypal & Payments (Web)
  • Scheduling, Events, etc (Native & Web)
  • Click-to-call, email or text actions (Native)
  • In-App Purchasing & Products (Native)
  • User to User Messaging (Native & Web)
  • Robust Members & Company Profiles (Native & Web)
  • Saving unlogged user preferences (Native & Web)
  • Resuming from the App’s last page (Native)
  • All the same features on iPads & Tablets too
  • Almost any API Integration (RESTful based)
  • Simple to Complex POS integrations (Native & Web)
  • Simple to powerful forms (Native & Web)
  • And much, much, more
ThinApp, Inc. is bonded, has a D&B Number (and Profile) and can submit to your Vendor Screening process, so that we can work with your company in any capacity.

Best of all, we don’t just build what you ask (or tell) us to build. We can help you quickly solve complicated issues and design elegant technical based solutions. Then we will quickly create/build the solution (web and/or native mobile) and deploy it - usually within 3-4 weeks or less (plus, we can deploy early dev versions of your app in as little as 1 week), so that you can begin using it in production immediately.

Our average enterprise-level mobile app usually cost around $7,000 to $10k. We also offer financing (for qualified clients) and easy no-credit, no-interest payment plans.

Contact us (via the form or number below), if you’d like to learn more or would like to speak with a senior member of our team.
We’d love to learn more about your project or idea. Call us now at 312-857-3511 (Chicago Area Locals) or 1-844-484-4627 (1-844-4THINAP) or schedule a time below to speak with (or meet with) one of our executive level team members.

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