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9/14/2017 - ThinΛpp is in the process of finalizing a shift in our strategy - from one-off custom apps to a more solution-based focus (although we’ll still take on custom projects, just not as many). This will allow us to work with and share our technology with even more awesome people. Currently, 100% of our payment transactions are via check or online invoice because of how closely we work with our clients, but within the next few days we’ll be rolling out our brand-new Ordering System, which will allow Clients/Customers to select and choose from various options like Push Notifications, Expedited App Store Publishing (ie. Delivery), extra test app builds, etc.

In addition, we’ll be rolling our base pricing for all our solutions that should range from $499 to $2999 on average. Currently, our custom Apps average anywhere from $3500 for MVPs (for both an iPhone and Android App) to about $5000 for more customized apps. And that typically includes approximately $20k in existing functionality because of how many mobile features we pre-build. So, we believe that gives our clients not only a very solid and complete app, but tons of bang for buck. And, that doesn’t even take into account our $100k custom back-end that helps clients manage the content in their app. Below are just some of our most popular App Solutions.

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