About ThinΛpp

ThinΛpp, formally ThinApp Solutions, LLC is an early stage Tech Startup that specializes in affordable, high-end custom mobile app development.

Affordable and high-end are usually not two words you hear - or read together, however that is the cornerstone of ThinΛpp’s approach and philosophy.

While only being an official LLC since 2016, ThinΛpp is actually a re-brand of a previous tech company offically named SplitReach, which was based out of Chicago, IL and had been in business for over 12+ years. SplitReach specialized in website development and later high-end website solutions and simply kept evolving over the years as the internet industry evolved and changed - hence the 4-5 re-brands.


Ken D.
Alex L.
CTO / Wise Jedi
Billy V.
App Manager / Developer

Greg J.
App Developer / Ninja

Theresa L.
Graphic Designer
Tara V.
Graphic Designer

Melissa F.
Project Manager

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We pride ourselves on evolving and learning fast - and strive to stay way ahead of the curve, sometimes even setting it. Our strategy is to use industry-standard, best practices and techniques along with top secret proprietary tools that we have made ourselves (in-house) to streamline various bottle-necks in the mobile app design and development process, thereby being able to offer our clients the fastest turn-around times and prices currently available - anywhere in the world.


And as far as quality goes, we strive to stay as pure and lean to both native iOS and Android environments as possible. Where most companies use frameworks, we try to never use any unless absolutely possible. Our technology is based around full stack LAMP development and we create most of our clients’s mobile apps in X-Code utilizing Swift as much as possible and Objective-C where required. In addition, we stay as close to the native Android Studio as possible. Apple and Google both are constantly evolving and changing both of their native mobile platforms to stay competitive, not to mention their devices. So, our philosophy is that for us to base any of our major technology on frameworks or platforms controlled by others, it would be like trying to hit a moving bullseye target.


Our design approach is much simpler. We try to be as organic and flexible as possible. Good design principles are already engrained in us - and we practice world-class techniques, so everything else in our opinion is creating as easy of a process as possible to allow creative juices to flow - and help our clients get inspired.

We like to think of our process as organic for design and precise and structure for engineering and development.

4 quick things that separate us from everyone else

  • We have our very own, custom-built $70K website platform that we call BΛSE, which not only helps power our apps, but also gives clients an optional website that is probably one of the most sophisticated websites ever built and definitely the most advanced web app in the world. In addition, it helps us have about 70% or more of our clients’s ideas built before we even start your project. We have taken a very deep look at everything out there and are confident nothing and no one can compete with this one core advantage alone. Simply put, we know what’s inside!
  • We pre-build commonly used mobile app features like login, sign up, user/member profiles and accounts, push notifications, GPS location-tracking and more so that our clients don’t have to pay for things that we make all the time and should either already have or be super fast at creating anyway.
  • Our founding core are entrepreneurs first. We needed mobile apps ourselves and having been involved in Tech and the Internet Industry since 1994 we knew what a cluster-f*#k the mobile app industry was after trying to get our first app made - so long story short - we mastered it on our own and then turned it into a company to help others.
  • We are hands-down the most transparent and honest mobile app company we’ve ever seen - and that our clients say they’ve ever seen. We just aren’t interested in over-charging people. We think the world should be able to make apps easier and cheaper. Period.

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